About the Butter Love by l.C.

Butter Love is fresh, healing, and beneficial. All of the organic handmade products are crafted to heal and soothe. The skincare products you put on your body are very important, you want to feed the skin and fill it with nutritious ingredients that will manifest brighter, smoother, and Healthier skin.

We offer detoxifying bath salts which help remove the toxins within your body. We also offer exfoliating sugar scrubs that gently remove dead skin cells aiding in ELASTICITY and glowing skin. Lastly, our intense moisturizing body butter is used to nourish, hydrate, and heal the skin. 

About the Creator

As a girl I always found myself mixing things in secret. Anything I could get my hands on, I would mix things up that I found around the house and wait for the outcome. It was that curiosity that carried over into adulthood with Butter Love By L.C. 

Butter Love by L.C launched in October of 2014. Since then it has blossomed into something bigger than expected. Working with natural butters and essential oils was always a passion. "I love creating, I take pride in it and its something I can call my own". Butter Love by L.C. is affordable and possess high quality ingredients that actually work to heal damaged skin. The products are infused with rich butters and natural oils. "I promise you are sure to see a difference in your skin after one use."