Oh So Vivant!

"I guess you can say i was a scientist in secret. It was that curiosity that carried over into adulthood with Butter Love By L.C. When I started Butter Love, it was during a time when I was lost and searching for direction after I came home from college. Not much made sense to me when it came to what I wanted to do with my life. What I was passionate about. I lacked inspiration during that time. I feel it’s during those moments, when you lose yourself and you have nothing, that you find your path. You find clarity without even searching for it. When I started Butter Love three years ago I had no intention on building a business or a brand. I was organically directed back to something that was so familiar to me and it has grown into something I truly love."


That Darn Rachel-Blog

“I’ve always been naturally curious about chemistry,” said Wilderness. “As a child I would mix household products, just to see what would happen, and I would hide them in my closet. Somehow, my mom would always find my concoctions and mess up my experiments, but it’s probably a good thing she did.”