Rosemary and Mint

Rosemary and Mint


Refresh your spirit with Rosemary and Mint. Rosemary has an affinity with the sixth energy chakras and is used to promote clear thoughts and insights; it also strengthens the nervous system. While Peppermint essential oil creates balance, both of these mystical oils work together to stimulate your third eye chakra. When the pineal gland is blocked we tend to lack in imagination and intuition resulting in poor decision making and self-deception. It also increases connectivity between mind and body.

To use: Rub a small amount on desired area (particularly on drier areas). Massage butter until dissolved. For best results, use after a relaxing shower or bath when skin is still moist. For external use only. 

Active Ingredients: Fair Trade Organic Shea, Non-GMO Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil. 

Net 8 Oz.

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