Floral Bath Soak (Milk Bath)

Floral Bath Soak (Milk Bath)


A relaxing ritual to renew and refresh. These herbs carefully blended in this Milk Bath were chosen for their calming properties and their beautiful scent. A blend of roses, lavender, chamomile, and sage. 

Wash away negative energy with Pure Pink Himalayan Salt Crystals. This blend is great ritual to tie in body and spirit. When you immerse yourself in a ritual bath, you are participating in an initiation to open yourself.

Ritual bathing cleanses you from physical grime and negative spiritual grime, thus purifying both your body and your aura. It is a signal that you are willing to listen to your Higher Self and begin to trust something outside of your rational mind. It indicates that you are open to ask the universe to transform what you believe needs to be changed in yourself.

This is not your everyday bath. 

To use: Make sure you won’t be disturbed for at least an hour. Optional: light candles or incense or play relaxing music. Utilize what makes your aura lighter. Pour 1 cup of Floral Bath Soak into your warm bath. Soak for about 20-30 minutes. While you do so, make it your intention to let go of all negativity. You can pray for the release of any energy that you no longer wish to carry, or that is not for your highest good. You can also ask for spiritual support to raise your spiritual vibration.

(4oz Plastic Bag)

Ingredients: Organic Dry Milk, Pink Himalayan Salt, Rose Petals*, Lavender Buds*, Chamomile Leaves*, Spearmint*, Sage*, Dead Sea Salt

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